Autospray Organice Sunless Tanner You tan is the luxurious home of ITALIAN Auto spray/ Sunless Tanning Booth called Thats so sun make up, uses exclusively patented MicroCore Technology to apply sunless solution in just 6 seconds for an immediate and natural looking tan.You tan’s Spray is ORGANIC and unlike other sprays the results is a beautiful brown sugar glow with delicious scent.The main ingredients of the spray are watermelon, brown sugar and green tea.

Benifits of Organic Spray Tan Solution

1. Sunless tanning
Gives you that glow instantly without the risk of damage of improper use of tanning beds. Sunless tanning is great for people who burn easily, or don’t have much time to get color. Sunless tanning gives you more options as well! You are in control of how dark you want to be! Spray tans are great for covering discoloration of the skin, freckles, or any skin imperfections, its like makeup for the skin!

2. Bronze glow
Our spray tan solution is created to give you a natural glow! Green undertones will give the skin a more natural Olive glow without the horrid Orange look many spray tans leave! You will look like your glowing from within!

3. Repairs skin cells
The organic ingredients in the solution such as Green Tea, Brown Sugar, and Watermelon act as antioxidants to the skin. Antioxidants do many great things such as help aid cell renewal, prevent aging, reduce the look of wrinkles, and nourish the skin.

Binds moisture
-Moisturizers inside the solution help nourish the skin while the DHA Bronzers work their magic! Moisturized skin is a must with sunless tanning as I keeps the tan lasting longer and looking great!

4. Vegan
The solution we use is 100% vegan! We believe using natural organic products on the skin are much more beneficial to the skin, and better for the environment! No other spray tan solution is as beneficial and beautiful as the one we use here in out Studio!

Instant color

Spray tans over instant color! Directly after getting sprayed you will notice a dramatic difference in color! The longer you leave the solution on the skin the darker it will develop! Spray tans are perfect for people who are short on time to get that beautiful glow!

5. Streak free
Because our spray tan is conducted by a machine, the spraying is always sprayed continuous and evenly. No rubbing is required which drastically helps not get streaks! Many at home mousses or lotions leave the skin streaky from rubbing in the product unevenly. Our spray tan is evenly coated, front and back, by a continuous spraying machine, releasing the product even from head to toe.

6. Even skin tone
-Tanning outdoors throughout Summer can result in uneven skin tone. Getting a spray tan makes the whole body looking golden head to toe. If you experience trouble getting a certain part of your body tan, sunless tanning would be perfect for you.

7. Vitamin B-6
Our solution is enriched with Vitamin B-6 which helps nourish the skin. Vitamin B-6 is great for anti aging and firming the skin naturally. It helps even out skin tone, discoloration, wrinkles, sun spots, etc..