In only 20 minutes on our Whole Body Vibration Machine, you can get the same benefits of an hour of cardio and strength conditioning. Whole Body Vibration uses the latest vibration power plate technology to transmit energy to your body, forcing your body’s core supportive muscles to contract and relax at a rapid rate. This action contributes to numerous health benefits and takes a fraction of the time compared to conventional exercise routines.

Some Benefits of vibration platform machine

Helps your muscles

With a whole body vibration machine you can expect similar strength gains to the conventional gym training in the half the time. Studies have shown that a 10 minute workout on the vibration machine gives similar benefits to a one hour gym session!

For Beauty

Using a whole body vibrating machine will significantly reduce cellulite! Studies show that just with 3 sessions a week it’s possible to reduce cellulite on your thighs and buttocks by a huge 25.7%! When you combine the vibration training with regular use of a infrared sauna you will be getting rid of your cellulite even faster!

Feel good

You know that feeling that you get right after a workout, that natural ‘high’? Well you can get that feeling after a session! You’ll get an overall feeling of youth and energy.

Blood circulation

This machine works the entire body which increase proper blood circulation all over your body. When your blood circulation is increased correctly then the body’s metabolism is sped up and you will get more energy.

Remove Toxins

Vibration machines will stimulate the lymphatic system. It will help with removing excess toxins and increase your muscle mobility and flexibility.

Vibration Machine & Infrared Sauna in Conjunction

Using both machines in conjunction with each other will make the benefits of each machine show up faster! Both machines help with weight loss, removing toxins, removing cellulite, helping muscles tighten, and so much more! They will also help you tan faster, because they both bring oxygen to the surface of the skin. So after your infrared sauna session or vibration session go for a tan in one of our super beds!